“ The heart and soul of Evilemerican lies within it’s people, their values and their ability to stand alone in today’s society.

These are our advocates. Eccentrics, radicals and visionaries who voice an optimistic view that the world can be changed. Evilemericans, stand-up for what is right & good. They standout in a crowd because they know who they are. They have realized that to be free you need not follow the crowd but be true to who you were created to be. In their individuality and uniqueness they are connected together and accept each others originality.

Our passion is people, the fringe dwellers of society. The ones in mans great conquest to ‘get ahead’ to attain, were left behind. What is deemed ‘cool’ by today’s standards is rewritten in the hearts of Evilemericans – they are ‘cool’ because they are themselves.

Our aim is to find these people and give them a voice.”

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