What the heck is a lifestyle brand anyway?

lifestyle brand After applying myself to a variety of jobs while on my short to mid length time on planet earth, I now find myself in an industry relatively unfamiliar to me. The wonderful world of ‘fashion/pop culture’.

During the birth stages, evilemerican was fortunate enough to spent a year sharing the same office of Dust, one of Australians foremost designers. I was lucky enough to pick up a few industry tricks and glean the skills needed to to undertake the perilous journey ahead. Since then, evilemerican has gone through a few different twists and turns but slowly and surely finding its way in the saturated world of street and skate wear.

Evilemerican from the inception was always destined to draw ideas from outside of the fashion and traditional brand inspiration. Our aim has, and always will be, to create our own path in the design world. And as we become more established the more confident I feel that as a ‘brand’ we have what it takes to do our own thing – to even pave a new path.

Now I’m the first to admit we are still finding our way, but one of the cool things about confidence is you can start backing yourself instead of following what you think you should do. And that is kinda the mantra around here anyway. We are not born to follow. Neither were you. Anyway I was trying to make a point with all this. During my musing on the net one consistent thing that I see universally on brands sites is this, WE ARE A LIFESTYLE BRAND. We are a lifestyle brand? well hell it seems you all are lifestyle brands. And its all the same lifestyle. And what I cant quite figure out is, what actually is a lifestyle brand? Don’t you just be who you are, design your graphics and slogans of what you’re into, and through it all, the masses will be divided until the ones you seek will find their way home. Home, to your brand. Once there they will just do what they do.

Lets be straight up. We are not a lifestyle brand. We just are. And if you dig us we will probably dig you. We have strong opinions and we aren’t afraid speak out about what is passionate to us. But we are not selling a lifestyle. Live your life the way you deem fit for you and your tribe. If our paths cross, that’ll be rad. I’m sure we will share our stories. But lifestyle brand we aint. Good luck to the others that peddle these well worn slogans, maybe it’ll work wonders for you but I think we’ll take a different path. Carve our own. Who knows where it’ll lead, hopefully we’ll see you there.

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