Welcome to Kellyville

Matt ArchboldBeing based on the the Gold Coast, surfing is a large part of the local community lifestyle. The other day I was in Coolangatta and we swung by snapper to check the waves, the structure for the quikky pro was all but complete. With the huge Quiksilver logos everywhere I joked ‘welcome to kellyville’. So here we have it, the world series of surfing is underway just down the road, as I write this article I’m watching round one on the big screen at home.

Now let me clear this up straight away. There are alot of things I really don’t like about mainstream surfing and all that surrounds it, but I do love to follow the the world tour and all the personalities involved. Which brings me to my observation of where pro surfing currently stands.Growing up, the pros of the day were doing their thing but also there were some radical personalities that owned the movie segments. Guys like Archie and Christian Fletcher, full bore punk rock and rollers who were pushing the limits of surfing, true originals. They didn’t follow the crowd they created a path and stayed true to it whatever the cost. Now I understand its not everyones idea of a good time but it was refreshing to have some rebel, stick it to the man radicals mixing it up with the pros even if they didn’t make it on tour. Fast forward to 2014 professional surfing is here to stay. But what ever happened to these radicals. Guys like Wilko or Ozzie Wright spring to mind. Davo was there too but I think there’s so much room for the boys to unleash their opinions and let their individuality shine. The problem with professional surfing and corporate sponsorship is that it is censored and sanitized so that the individual has to fit the mold of the tour and the expectations of the sponsor.

Should Evilemerican ever sponsor  athletes I hope we find the ones who aren’t afraid to speak their views and tell it how it is, in fact I would be encouraging it. Its good to have have happy smiling personalties that everyone loves but we also need the ones who ruffle peoples feathers, the ones who make you uncomfortable with their passion and strong views.

Hopefully we get to see a few more characters like this grace the pro tour, I think we will all benefit from having them there. Its time for the hipster kids to put away there $100 earth tone tees with discreet logo placement and get todays youth back to being vocal on things that matter. Wear something that makes a statement, do it with passion, bring your individual style and rock it hard.

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