The B Team (Navy)


B teamers are often over looked, labelled weird, eccentric unusual. They tick to the beat of their own drum. They understand rules are lifes guidelines but not absolutes. At their core B teamers are radicals visionaries, they add rich colour to a society that has become increasingly bland & homogenized. 

Deep down i think every A teamer wishes he could rock a little bit of b from time to time, but sadly the gulf they have to jump is often far to big of a cost to make. A teamers struggle to have society label them weird and unusual, to them this is an embarrassment, a weakness, whereas the B teamers couldn’t think of a bigger compliment.

This tee is an ode to team B. The rejects, the misfits, to all those who for all their quirky differences would not change a thing. The struggling artists. The opinionated punk child. The home schooled johney who doesn’t know better.

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180 GSM 100% Cotton. Shoulder to shoulder tape. Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage. Double needle bottom hem and sleeve