Revenge of the Sheep Issue 1

Guess what. Print, ain’t, dead! You’re not killing a tree! You’re saving a landfill. Saving it from overflowing with ipads, ipods, iphones, icrap, blackberry. blueberrys, rasberrys, tablets, desktops tabletops blah blah blah who knows what else they are up too now, the list is endless. If the kids are lucky there may just be an app that shrinks them small enough so they can crawl inside their phones and take up permanant residence.

But what you are holding here is something that lasts a little longer than a click of a mouse, Something that can be held kept and revisited. Frame it, cut it. start a fire with it make a paper dart from it. See if you can do that with a Ipod NANO 3 Seven Thousand Triple S, especially the paper dart bit.

So let me cordially welcome you. If by chance you find yourself reading this tiny grassroots publications you are one of the 150 individuals ‘globally’ to acquire Issue One of Revenge of the Sheep – the Evilemerican Zine. We hope you dig it. To go forwards we must go backwards, perhaps?


revenge of the sheep zine