Its time for more Bobbys

When deciding to start our weekly blog the first realisation was what do I write about? What are we about, and would people actually want to listen to your opinion. So I sat down and decided what better to discuss than the things we at Evilemerican believe and inspire people to become. For our first blog I’ll recount a chance meeting we had with a well known surfer, as this in itself will be the foundation of what we do.

Bobby Martinez was ranked number 5 in the world at the height of his career and also received the rookie of the year award on his first year on the world tour. He went on to compete against the worlds best before publicly voicing his opinion on the way the world tour was being run. Now whether you believe this was right or wrong, doesn’t really factor into it as far as I’m concerned. The fact that he put his balls on the line for something he believed in goes along way in my book.

To many people these days are so damn politically correct and don’t have the courage to stand up for what they believe! This is essentially what Evilemerican wants to change. We want to surround ourselves with individuals who go against the flow, who aren’t bothered that speaking what is right might come at a cost. So when we had the chance to meet and talk with Bobby we were pretty stoked. Bobby loved the brand and grabbed a few tees, and since then we have continued to send send stuff his way. One thing to consider regarding this story is that although Bobbys opinions may have cost him a career in the short term, outspoken guys like him will still be remembered long after his peers have finished their own surfing careers. When their time to shine comes to an end and are replaced by the next wonderkid superstar people will still talking about the time Bobby publically aired what a lot of fellow competitors only wished they could. Much respect Bobby! Not all are born to fo//ow.

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