Incite fear. Gain control

So you have to decided to take what peace you have and trade it all for fear. And all you had to do was watch the news on a consistent basis and before you new it fear was a tight vice around your neck!

I read an article a few years back and it stated that prior to the mid 80’s the news was filled with stories of men and women doing positive things. Overcoming, and focusing on the good of humanity. But there was a shift in content around this time, and they have since filled the airwaves with a constant barrage of Fear Fear Fear. Like Sex, Fear sells. And a people who fear are a people who can be controlled.

Did you know that most of the fear they sell will most likely never visit you. But the more you subject yourself to these lies the more it will dictate your decisions and what you believe. I stopped watching the news probably 10 years ago. I try to stay abreast of world events but the last thing i need at the end of the day is a news reporter selling me killer virus, killer manhunt, financial ruin, global war. I want to free that space in my head for peace.

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