The beginnings of a Gold Coast Graffiti Artist

Here is the 1st installment from blogger ‘The Ruuster’. The reality of the youth on the Gold Coast who don’t buy into the glitz and glamour of this hedonistic part of Australia.

When you think of Southern Gold Coast, what comes to mind? Surf? Sun? Party? Probably something along these lines right? So for the kid, who find this over glorified city of politically correct debauchery, put simply, boring. We seek out something that can give us a buzz that’s completely different and hopefully piss off anyone who doesn’t agree with our f****d up subculture: graffiti, not street art. None of this trendy Banksy s**t: the real side of it.

Spending what seems like hours hiding in the bushes. Hearing the dreaded sound of police sirens, while you’re running down the highway at ridiculous hours of the night, with paint tins shoved down your coat. Bruised and cut from the barbed wire fences being jumped to put paint on a train. But I still can’t seem to find any real negatives in it; not enough to make me or the other kids want to stop. Which is why these suits in a 9-5, school, work, retire, die mentality don’t understand it.

They like the pretty colours in a legal wall, then if they saw a tag in the same place, they look down on it. I can say for a fact that all these murals and legals that are popping up on the Southern GC were done by a kid who would of started off running around with a tin of Aussie Export doing s****y little tags with his mates.

the Ruuster



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