Jasson Mackay

If you didnt go to the ‘who’ page before this one an interesting titbit about JM is he is the founder of Evilemerican. Most of the artwork you see for evilemerican has come from him slaving over a laptop trying to get things just so. Having worked alongside most of the people on this page he has somewhat learnt how to throw an idea, into a design, whack it on a tee, and boom hopefully you guys and girls dig it. The creative direction for Evilemerican originates from between his ears and all going to plan we’ll start working with some extrodinary talented individuals who can help put yours and his ideas onto paper, tee or some random brick wall. For some of Jms personal work check here. www.tumblr.com/jassonmackay

Steve Nowland

We shared the same office with Steve aka www.dusk.com for the 2nd year of evilemericans life. The wealth of knowledge this man possesses regarding street skate and surf counter culture is truly amazing. He has every techinque down pat and works at a pace that leaves you wondering why do I even bother. Steeblys repotoire of skills ranges from digital to hand drawn or spray canned. He will use whatever is around. If you have bought a tee shirt in Australia over the last 10 years chances are Steeb designed it. Yes this is not a lie. He even throws down some designs for evilemerican when we can get in touch with him. Like all great artists steeb is a hard man to locate at the best of times.

Jon Chapman Smith

jonJon is what I like to think of as cutting edge jedi knight when it comes to the creative field. When I first met Jon he was working from his bedroom but has since established himself to God like status in the NZ design scene. Check his portfolio if you dont believe me www.fuman.co.nz ………….see God like. A lot of work we do, goes into Jons email, and hopefully we get the nod of approval before it enters the real world. One of the rad things was when Jon and I first start to hang out he used to spend his Sats in the local prison talking to the inmates about a better life. What a legend!!!

Rebecca Ross

rebecca-rossThe infamous RR famous in New York Milan and other places …….. Bec shares the same postal address to Evilemerican. Except she is a 9 and we are a 13 but you get the idea. But we have gotten to know Rebecca quite well over the years and her style is vivid and electric. There has been rumours of collaborating one day, in the future, for a womens range of bikins but to tell you the truth we just arent well known enough to work with a mega force like the famous RR. One day though, when we dominate the world maybe she might throw us a bone and well, watch this space.

Sam Casey

samSammy owns Monstar screenprinting. These guys know what they are doing, and without them we wouldn’t be printing tees. Monstar’s been going since 2005 and EE works closely with Sam on getting our artwork just right. I like loyalty and the benefits of working with the same crew is you get to know them and they know you. Sammys a real legend and if you need any work done drop by their factory and he’ll sort you out.


Andrew Mennie

I was fortunate enough to meet  the wonderful Irish Andrew Mennie on a trip up the coast. After a wee night out we hit it off and have kept in touch ever since. And really who doesn’t love the Irish?? Kinda hard to put into words Andrews lifestyle but like all the advocates of Evilemerican he is a true individual. Globetrotting the world, surfing perfect waves then heading home to Europe to make an appearance in some random surf comp. We’re super stoked to send him some gears as hes always representing us and its hard to find a more genuine character who’s loving life.