Social Media the lie we are being sold

Social-MediaI’ll take stab in the dark and guess most of us have taken the leap in the world of social media. It’s the place where all our social inadequacies are put aside and we can bask in the glory of editing our lifes to the world at large. Well this week I deleted my face book account. After 3 years watching other peoples lives I figured it was time to get mine back and start living a life and stop documenting it.

My experience is fraught with pro and cons of what today’s media is telling us. We are bombarded with that many ads and infomation telling us we need to be connected, over time, you actually start to believe it. Yes technically I am connected, but with what. A digital friend who I haven’t seen in a number of years. I spent more time glued to the screen than I did engaging with real people with real lives. The toll this will take on society, time will only tell. On any given day when you walk into the local cafe chances are more people are sitting with their head down tweeting, posting, liking, than than living in the moment. Spending real time with the person they are with.

We have allowed the slick advertising execs to sell us that true happiness lies in your mobile handset, desktop, ipad tablet – yeah bro I’m being friggin connected, to the max!! But never has society been been so unhappy and lonely than what we are today. Studies show that with the increase on social media there is a increase in loneliness. Are we destined to become a planet that is obsessed with posting 140 character tweets, taking selfies, accumulating friends that we met once at a friends dinner (which we probably photographed and posted before it was even finished). I feel like its the beginning of the end.

Running a business has become so damn complicated we spend all our time trying to engage via social media (yes sadly we have to use social media to exist), that we can’t actually engage in real life. I’d like to think that one day, studies will be done saying we need to turn back the clock and find a healthy balance but chances are it will only get worse as giant advances are made daily in technology.

Whats the solution then? Well a start would be set some boundaries for yourself and get your life back, start to live again. Get out doors. Try cruising with out a phone. Do something without posting a photo to the world to show them it really did happen. Maybe instead try going for coffee and retelling the experience, see how that goes, you might actually enjoy it :)

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